• Winds of change

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The lifeguard: this is my job and on occasions, things turn out fine !! today is one of those !! you are alive and that makes my day !! let’s swim back to the shore, your family is anxiously waiting for you to comeback to them !!

Back on the shore  Katya and the girls embraced Marchenko, he exclaimed: we must definitely go to a sorcerer once we are back in Odessa !! this incident of today proves to me that there is some kind of curse on us !! we must find about this curse, we need evil to stop threatening our lives, this is incomprehensible !! week in and week out, we face death !! not normal at all !!

Katya: I saw the dark gray fin and I knew immediately that it was a shark, thanks God this lifeguard was only ten yards from me, he got in the water very quickly and he is a very fast, strong swimmer, he was next to you in seconds, we were very lucky today !! the girls, still with tears in their eyes, cuddled around Marchenko,  Tanya exclaimed: I am sorry for not staying with you !! we all were in a state of panic and shock !! I could had stayed and I did not !!  I am sorry for my cowardice !!

Marchenko, hugging tight his 3 girls, exclaimed: do not be sorry about swimming to the shore !! you did exactly the right thing !! had any of you stayed, the chances of death would had increased, you are all not very strong and the shark was huge, at least 7 feet long !! this incident is now over !! I guess we will not be in the water again for a few days, today’s scare was a huge one !! let me give some money to the lifeguard, I can spare $50 dollars, he saved my life !!!

October 25  At the warehouse  9:00 AM  Petrovich entered Marchenko’s office, after shaking hands with Marchenko, he  sat in a chair in front of his desk, Marchenko exclaimed: I presume you have lots of tapes, how many exactly ?

Petrovich: I have ten tapes !! We have met almost weekly to discuss operations and I have been taping all those meetings !! plenty of incriminating information!!

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Winds of change

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