About Omar Sixto

Omar Sixto was born in Pinar Del Rio, Cuba. His early experiences in life were around his father's tobacco plantation, where he learned, from his father and grandfather, how to work hard, be an honest man, be a man of conviction, commitment, loyalty, sincerity ......  "A handshake will seal a contract" , "Money will not be taken to the grave, you will only take the honor of your last name ", " Do not ever envy others, be unselfish, tolerant and kind", " Do good to others at all times", " Have God in your life".......those were the moral teachings engraved in his soul and heart as he grew from a child, to adolescent, to a man, in his father's hands !. In 1959, his homeland, Cuba, was taken away from him and his family. They became exiles in Miami. His father and mother started life all over again, with five children to feed, no income, destitute, but immensely free in their hearts and minds, for freedom is the most precious treasure ever created by man !.

At age 21, he volunteered to serve in the US Army, serving a combat tour in the Republic of Vietnam. The experiences of war molded his character to resist  all calamities and misadventures, for war is a lesson of its own that can not be described with words, it has to be lived !.

He graduated from Florida International University, Miami, Florida, with Majors in Marketing , Accounting, and Insurance/ Risk Management, Minor in Computer Programming, a Masters in Finance followed, and then, he became involved, throughout his adult life, in the following professions, businesses and jobs: Dishwasher, Truck Driver, University Professor, Computer Programmer, International Trade Executive, Executive Director of a 25 Congress of Chambers of Commerce and Industry, Member of Who's Who in Florida's Latin Community (Class of 1987), Member and Director of over 20 private and non-profit institutions, Community and Civic Activist, original founder of the Cuban Memorial Foundation, Social Worker, Insurance and Risk Management Executive, Public Relations and Advertising Executive, Political Activist, Executive Director of an International Magazine ( North-South, The Magazine of The Americas, University of Miami ), publisher of his own magazine, " Congreso Hemisferico ", Professional Talent Agent, founder and promoter of the "First Port of Odessa, Ukraine, and Port of Miami, USA, International Cooperation Agreement", Investment Banker, Fund Raising Executive, Grants Writer, Accountant, Restaurant Owner, Property and Casualty Insurance Agency Owner, President of Brickell and Key Biscayne Realty, Mortgage Company Owner, Title Insurance Agent, President of Your Love Story Agency, present owner of BUSY BAY USA, an Advertising company, and for the past 20 years, WRITER AND NOVELIST. As a Writer, composing books of poems in English and Spanish with a large inventory of 2,400 romantic poems written in the past 20 years, as a Novelist, author of 22 Novels and 18 Short Stories, fiction and non-fiction, half in Spanish, half in English, most of them written in Vinnitsa, Ukraine from 2009 to 2014. In all those professional and business experiences, Mr Sixto gave his best personal and professional contributions and efforts as he was molded by the old patriarchal traditional school of behavior and conduct. Mr Sixto has been awarded multiple Certificates of Recognition, Awards and Diplomas, and Letters of Recommendation from high private and public sector individuals and officials, including Presidents of several nations, among them, the Honorable George W. Bush, Past-President of the USA, the Honorable Belisario Betancur, Past President of Colombia, the Past -Governor of Brasilia, Brazil, and the last recognition from  Ms. Katerina Fomenko, Minister of Transportation and Communications, Ukraine, on the occasion of the signing of the Port of Odessa-Port of Miami Agreement in Miami in May of 2007.

In 1995, his very close and only sister, Ileana Sixto, died unexpectedly of cancer and left a memorable legacy with him: a very mystic and sublime smell of roses in his life, and then, Mr. Sixto started to write: very long, beautiful days, months, and years of writing non-stop, about love, hope and faith !. This is the real story behind the smell of roses: After the death of his sister Ileana Sixto, and from that point on, occurring regularly every two or three months apart, day or night, this elating, non-earth, unexplainable, mystic smell of roses, would be in his life, getting him closer to God, attaching his soul to God's soul in a very special way, changing dramatically and eternally his life, for unexplainable, exquisite acts of God would alter any human being's life permanently. The smell of roses and flowers is an abstract spiritual happening that only occurs to few people in life, and he was selected by God to have this rich, extra-natural experience in his life through the death of his close sister Ileana. In addition to his 2,400 poems, Mr. Sixto has composed another 200 poems dedicated to God which nobody has ever seen or read.

The books of poems and novels in this site are the heart and soul of a man in love with God, in love with life, in love with people, in love with the idea of being a good human being to others, always there for the person in need, always in love with God, lettting life takes its course and finally, and most important, doing always to others, what God always does : to be always by their side, in the best or worst of life, in the best or worst of times !. That is his credo, that is his life !.